Along with the air and water pollution, noise pollution is also increasing rapidly. The high increase in population, traffic, constructions, workshops and many other such factors lead to noise pollution that is becoming intolerable with the every passing day. Thus, to get rid of these irritating sounds, the need of acoustic treatment arises in places like office and home. Keeping in mind the environmental safety, it is advisable to use environmental barriers rather than masonry or concrete walls because the hard materials like masonry or cemented walls will only reduce the unwanted noise coming from the outer environment. The ecological barriers are much beneficial as it absorbs the unwanted noise coming from outside and also spreads a healthy environment in or around your place. These barriers are completely covered with plants all around that transmit fresh air all the time and keep diseases away.

A large variety of plants are used while designing ecological barriers that are much helpful in reducing noise pollution through absorption technology. The environmental noise barriers can be used anywhere on the terrace, balcony and even outside windows of your house. This is a smoother and affordable way to reduce noise coming from outside. The noise of any form is easily absorbed by the plants and this absorption result in the noise reduction. The acoustically treated barriers are in high demand while designing or redesigning any house, office, industry or any other such place where unwanted noise is treated as an obstacle.

The environmental or ecological barriers not only reflect the noise away, but also its design and finish is aesthetically pleasing. Nowadays the room of house and offices are made soundproof so that the noise does not transmit from one room to another. The places like recording rooms are also acoustically treated so as to avoid echo (i.e. The repetition of voice). The acoustic barriers that are designed keeping in mind the environmental benefits gives a flawless beauty to your place no matter it is your office or house. These ecological barriers are also used at open places like highways, farms, fields, etc. to avoid the nuisance created by the unwanted and unusual noise.

The unwanted sounds can be reduced to a great extent by using environment based acoustic treatments. The open fields, highways and other such places are usually covered with masonry or concrete walls so as to avoid disturbance whereas the houses, offices or the industries are surrounded by ecological barriers. Considering environmental noise barriers proves fruitful in the conservation of the environment by reducing and sometimes eliminating the noise pollution from that particular area. Since plants are becoming a part of the most popular environmental barrier, it offers biodiversity support, water control, noise insulation and also have recyclable and economical in cost.